As in so many parts of life, there are a multitude of choices for the technology to be used for a website. These choices will need to be made based on the functions that you want to build into your website.  Typically, we will help you decide how you want your website to look, what you want it to do and how it will be maintained, before we make a final determination on the type of website you will need to have developed.

Our current focus is on developing affordable websites that help clients communicate information about their business to their current and potential customers. We do not currently take on large e-commerce type projects.

When we first started developing websites, we were using the Adobe Dreamweaver product to produce sites in native HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While this gives us a lot of flexibility in the things we can do with a website, it can also make it more difficult for a non-technical person to maintain and update the content.

Now we like to use a WordPress base as we find it easier for our clients to use to make simple changes themselves, if they desire.  Development time tends to be shorter than with native HTML sites, as there are many templates that can be selected and customized.  WordPress also makes it easy to add new functions, due to the large number of add-on plugins that are available.

We use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for developing graphics and for editing graphics and photographs.