Fine Line Creative Arts Center

Beginning in 2009 we worked with the Fine Line Creative Arts Center to make their website easier to use and maintain. Working with their Graphics Designer, we modified the existing layout, reorganized some of the pages, and then redeveloped the entire site using Adobe Dreamweaver. This redesign made it possible for them to more easily maintain the site using Adobe Contribute. The class catalog was moved to a database which they are able to update as each terms’ classes are identified. The class information is then uploaded to the site as needed.

As the website matured, we continued to work with the Fine Line to make changes to improve the content and processes they used to maintain it.

In 2014, the site was completely redesigned to update the overall look and page organization. Again, working with the Fine Line team, we focused on their vision for the design and then, using a WordPress base, redeveloped all of the pages using the new layout and base.

The following screenshots show the home page as it was first developed in 2009, and then the redesigned version as it is today. The live site can be viewed at

Fine Line Version1